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I was a prisoner to food and body struggles for decades...

Yesterday, after my husband and I ate dinner and tag-teamed the clean-up, I pulled him aside. I wanted to make sure that he was okay with my choice to own a coaching business. I also wanted to make sure he was okay with me dedicating a lot of time and energy to building it.

One part of me said, "Kori, you don’t need his permission to do what’s important to you."

Another part said, "What you do affects both of you and your relationship. It’s important to talk about these things."”

As I grow my business, I continue to grow myself, and this is one of the most important personal values of mine.

  • I hate being stagnant.

  • I hate feeling like I’m spinning my wheels or running around in circles.

  • I crave purpose, meaning, and growth.

  • When I’m aimless, it is the worst kind of hell for me.

  • I desire to connect with my truest Self.

  • I want to feel free and confident.

These values led me to my own healing journey with food and body struggles...

For decades I was a prisoner of the idea that if I could change my body, be "thinner" and "smaller," I would be worthy.

I obsessed about exercising to burn specific calories each day.

I severely restricted my food.

And as my body got smaller and smaller, so did my entire life.

I isolated. I had little energy to form meaningful connections. I lost a job opportunity because I “would scare the customers.”

Years later, in a different place but still focused on food and body, my goals changed.

I wanted to be "more muscular" and "leaner."

I entered the natural bodybuilding arena. At this point what I was doing felt thoughtful and intentional. It wasn't running from uncomfortable emotions.

But I still had blinders on!

I was complimented nonstop about my discipline, self-control, and appearance. This reinforced what I was doing. And I felt special... worthy... and liked.

I excelled in national competitions. I won the Runner Up title at the World Championships.

I had the second best body on stage...

But I NEEDED to have the best body.

This pull...

The obsession...

Illuminated again, how small my life had become.

  • I spent my time tracking and measuring food.

  • I met my macros perfectly.

  • I trained for at least a couple of hours a day, often twice and sometimes 3x a day.

  • I critiqued every inch of my body for fat that I could pinch.

  • I took photos daily to assess how I was looking.

  • I was sleeping horribly.

  • I felt obsessively hungry all the time.

  • I was constantly on edge.

  • I was not thinking clearly.

  • I didn't have friends.

  • I felt depressed.

  • OH, but did I mention I had iron self-control?!

What was I doing? What was I aiming for? And… why?

I was the Mental Edge & Performance coach for many athletes. They were relying on me to help them rewire their brains.

They also wanted to optimize their mental performance to reach their peak potential.

And I was not even able to do that for myself!

When I retired from bodybuilding competition, it was a major turning point in my life.

I committed to living differently.

I wanted to understand what mattered to me.

What were the reasons I got caught up in believing I needed to change my body?

I didn't want to focus on a superficial goal.

I was so, so tired of feeling crazy and spending all my time, energy, and money on my appearance.

I wanted to feel connected to who I truly was on the inside.

A few years later, I was in a severe road cycling accident. I suffered a broken scapula and a concussion. My front teeth were knocked backward in my face. I also had many deep facial cuts and abrasions.

One day I stood at the bathroom mirror. As I applied ointment to the gashes on my nose, I felt white heat spread from my chest to my throat. As tears broke free, I made an audible, “Ugh!”

I felt disgusting and disappointing, ugly, and… scared.

Looking to my left, my cat sat on the toilet seat, staring up at me with tender, “I love you, mama” eyes. He didn’t care. All he saw was his favorite person, who took are of him, loved on him, fed him, and played with him. He saw perfection.

That moment changed me.

Kori on her bike, free, connected, and present!

I wanted to look at myself and see perfection.

Free from any ideas that I needed to look different or change my body to be happy and live a meaningful life.

Why am I sharing this with you?

The people whom I coach and who make big progress have specific attributes. Many of these attributes are similar to those I hold dear.

They want to grow.

They want to understand.

Self-development is incredibly important to them.

They are purpose-driven.

They want to live into their values.

They want to create an environment inside themselves that feels like home!

They long to feel nourished, vital, and energetic.

They want to be free from anxiety, control, and food and body struggles!

When challenged, they take their healing seriously.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏼They find support to make the necessary changes.

They are reflectors and questioners!

They love the deep work!

They desire a connection with their truest Self!

Is it easy? Hell no. It’s like running a business. Not easy. But my clients aren’t looking for easy. They’re looking for effective, authentic, and dedicated to their highest truths!

Please share your thoughts!

Does this resonate with you? Have food and body struggles shackled your ability to live your best life? Align with your true purpose?


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