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Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned participant, I always value my clients or those even just considering a relationship with me being informed and an active agent in our partnership! Please read through the FAQs here, and if you have additional questions, let's schedule a time to chat! 

Is coaching for me? 

If you've been struggling to understand why you act the way you do, why you feel so controlled by your thoughts, are sick and tired of feeling controlled by your emotions and behaviors that are getting in the way of what's most important to you, and you're interested in exploring new possibilities, coaching may be for you.

The benefit of a coach is to provide support and accountability as you transition into behaviors that are more functional for your life.

Coaching with me will challenge you to develop new levels of awareness; identify faulty beliefs that misguide and limit your ability to show up authentically and with vitality, and develop your capacity for emotions that you may have learned to hold back. 


Coaching will help you to become unstuck by shifting your patterns of mind, discovering your strengths, defining a more flexible and adaptable relationship with yourself and your life, and support you as you navigate the discomfort often associated with making hard but important changes in your life.

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Who gets the most out of working with you? 

If you answer yes to any of the following, you're a great candidate for coaching with me. 

1. I feel like I know what to do, but I don't do it, or it's really inconsistent!

2. I want more flexibility to do things in life without experiencing so much fear or anxiety.

3. I have really important goals but no road map to achieve them.

4. I get caught up in my emotions and it seems like they control me! 

5. I want to change my mindset around certain things.

6. I am really struggling with setting boundaries, I say yes to everything and am such a people pleaser!

7. I feel stuck and in a rut.

8. I avoid speaking up about my needs with others and even have a hard time admitting them to myself.

9. I have a lot of stuff to process and need support to do so. 

10. I cope with difficult things in ways that I'm not proud of. 

11. I speak really unkindly to myself. 

12. I'm my own worst critic.

13. I feel like an imposter. 

14. I feel like I don't even know what I really need or what I value anymore.

15. I'm going through a big transition and I am having trouble managing it all. 

16. I don't know how to communicate in a specific relationship.

17. I want to understand my tendencies so I'm not yanked around by them so much.

18. I live by a lot of very rigid rules or expectations about myself, and they hold me back from being free and happy. 

19. I have a really shaky sense of confidence. 

20. When I feel specific emotions, I often turn to food, alcohol, or other things to feel better and want more coping skills!

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What types of results have your clients achieved?

Everyone's process looks a bit different because of your life circumstances, history, worldviews, and readiness for change; however, what is consistent among my clients as they engage in coaching, is a welcome sense of finally understanding that they are not alone. 

I view coaching not necessarily as a process for achieving specific outcomes, but as a process of discovering more skillful ways of being in life. We live in a world that promotes a black and white, all-or-nothing mentality of achievement, and in my 20+ years in the self-development industry, this puts undue pressure on us to always be improving, striving, and grinding.  Here is just one example: the weight loss industry touts that everyone should be able to lose weight: you just eat less and move more. While this may make consumers initially feel hopeful because the process is expressed to be "easy," it's ignorant; lacks substance; ignores the nuances of metabolism, biology, and lived experiences, to name a few; and lacks consideration for what we know to be true based on research. All results depend on context, and the more we can understand about ourselves, the greater ability we will have toward making meaningful and purposeful changes in our lives. 

If you're on social media, you no doubt understand how you can get sucked into comparing yourself with those you follow. Am I productive enough? Do I have enough? Should I look different? Am I working hard enough? Our culture wants you to believe you are broken, wrong, and need fixing so you'll spend money on all the products that will never, ever fulfill you in a real, genuine, authentic way. 

I believe you are whole already, and it's from this strong foundation that we will explore your life, bolster your agency, and move you into a greater sense of connection and choice!

Here are just a few of the milestones my clients have come to enjoy as a result of committing to coaching with me: 

1. Stepping completely away from toxic behaviors and relationships by learning how to access their truths and values and learning how to say no.

2. Understanding that they are not responsible for the emotions of others and standing firmly in solidarity with their own. 

3. Embracing their changing bodies as an indicator of positive emotional growth: they are living more full lives, and their bodies give them the capacity to do so.

4. No longer letting fear guide them as they make choices to get back into the world after the trauma of Covid-19. 

5. Firmly embracing and living into the philosophy that their body is not an ornament, but an instrument in which to truly live and experience life. 

6. Letting go of specific behaviors that they realize lead to unhealthy comparison and self-doubt.

7. Creatively navigating difficult situations from a place of courage, calm, confidence, and clarity.

8. Regularly practicing self-compassion and acknowledgement of difficult emotions as a way of life.

9. Having the ability to be with unpleasant feelings and having different strategies for taking care vs trying to control and avoid.

10. Positive relationship outcomes like more connection, emotional intimacy, and physical intimacy.

11. Greater confidence in emotional expression with others, less people-pleasing, reduced perfectionistic tendencies, and boundary setting.

12. Living in a way that honors that the relationship you have with yourself, your body, emotions, and life in general. 

13. Reduced self-ridicule and shaming when we feel disappointment or upset. 

14. Redefining rules to incorporate principles that take the changes in life into consideration, as well as our personal values and ideas about how we want to show up in the world. 


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How does coaching work? 

My coaching approach emphasizes the growth of your capacity in 7 key areas: emotional, physical, psychological, relational, spiritual, environmental, and energetic. The aim is to move closer to inner harmony, a sense of integration, and feeling of clarity and presence for what's here in your life. We're complex beings, and we're influenced by the contexts we live in, the people we are surrounded by, and the media we consume, to name a few. Many of us are unaware of just how much we're taking in and how it's affecting us. We're all living underneath a shroud of conditioning too, layer upon layer of cultural, societal, familial, and generational imprints that impact our nervous systems. Our goal is to begin to release ourselves from what isn't ours, develop clarity around what is most nourishing to our cores, and commit to living in a less restricted, more fluid and flexible, compassionate way.

We work together to:

1. define your most important intentions

2. understand how your actions have served you and start appreciating the many ways they have helped to protect you when you haven't had any other resources to rely upon

3. begin recognizing and working with the barriers to change 

4. practice simple steps to support your confidence, sense of connection, and development of choice

On a practical level, we meet weekly for live sessions either by video or phone. You will have relevant practices aimed at further exploration or observation for awareness-building and integration of behaviors that support the changes you desire.

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What if I'm in therapy right now? Can I still do coaching with you? 

I work with a lot of clients who have therapists and combine it with coaching. Because I am a trained therapist, many of the modalities I use may be similar to what you are engaging in with your therapist, however, from what my clients have shared, the relationship feels very different, and what we practice together creates insights and integration of behaviors that are fresh and functional. 

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What's the difference between therapy and coaching? 

Simply put, therapists assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness. Their primary task is to identify and reduce problematic symptoms.  Coaches are trained to motivate, incline, and encourage people as they pursue specific goals. That being said, there is significant overlap, and as a trained counselor (M.S. in Counseling and a PhD in Health Psychology) and coach (ICF, certified intuitive eating counselor, certified health coach, certified nutrition coach, certified mindfulness meditation instructor), I aim to help you understand and resolve the barriers to change, as you develop the resources and skills necessary to live a more skillful, intentional and fulfilling life! 
Therapists / counselors are regulated by their state boards and must be licensed to provide services, while many coaches can adopt the title of "coach," but have no credentials, training, or experience. 

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