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Learn how to shift your relationship with food and understand the reasons you engage in emotional overeating behaviors! This course is not for the faint of heart; it's for those who want to begin living their lives with more heart.


We work through the topic of emotional overeating from the perspective of self-compassion, body kindness, and emotional agility.


Most people believe that if they are emotionally eating, they are approaching food in the wrong way. While food may play a role, we are much more influenced by how we approach our emotions; the beliefs we have about ourselves; and the conditioning we have received from the culture at large and our families of origin regarding our bodies.


In this course you will practice making choices that align with who and how you want to be-- not who you have been told you need to be or "should" be. 

*Course is conducted on the Udemy platform.

Radical Body Love: 4 Steps to
Free Yourself From Food Fear & Body Shame

Are you constantly scheduling your day around food? Wondering when you will eat,  worrying about what you should eat, and anxiously avoiding social events so you don't "mess up" your eating?

Are you incessantly thinking about how you look, whether your body is okay, and devising the next plan for losing weight or changing your exercise routine?

Perhaps you feel controlled by food and all the time spent chasing a different body? 

In this course, I will teach you the 4 key skills for getting out from under the oppressive body thoughts and suffocating food forces holding you back from living your vibrant life!


You will learn the 4 key practices for building body image resilience, and I've included the practices I use in my own life!


This course is jam-packed with over 5 hours of video, exercises, reflections, and practices for intense growth!

*Course is conducted on the Udemy platform.

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