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So happy to meet you!
Explorer. Questioner. Feeler. Connector. Communicator. 

Hi! I'm Kori, and I'm a licensed counselor, health psychologist, and behavior change coach. I've earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, a master of science in counseling, and a doctorate in health psychology and behavioral medicine. My education is enhanced by trainings in various therapeutic modalities including internal family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatics, and certifications in intuitive eating counseling, personal training, health coaching, lifestyle nutrition, mindfulness meditation, & life coaching, as well as decades of personal exploration and learning. 

I previously served as the Wellness Director and Vice President of an international health coaching company where I facilitated the Diet Recovery and Eating Psychology Coaching program, created and taught the Mindset & Motivation program, and developed the Mental Edge & Life Mastery coaching program. I've supported individuals and groups worldwide toward developing self-awareness, resilience, and consciousness skills with which to live more vibrant and energetic lives untethered from misguided beliefs & distorted views of our worth and sense of connection with ourselves and others.

I created Core Capacity, LLC to help you build a life that feels dedicated, committed, connected, and engaged. I spent many years of my life anchored to ideas about my appearance, food, relationships, and emotions that led to incredible suffering. At first I believed that what I was doing was healthy, until I felt the consequences. I have always longed to feel rooted and resourced. I desired a sense of meaning and belonging. These are wonderful things. But the path I took to find them led to chaos, confinement, and catastrophe. I aim to help you develop clarity of your values from which authentic intention, agency, and bravery can take flight.

My mission is to help you expand your capacity for a life that feels wholehearted and embodied. A life that has the capacity to hold more love, more emotion, more adventure, more uncertainty, more belonging, and a commitment to awakening. All the things.  I aim to help give a voice to the deepest parts of you, often silenced by society, the culture, and values that we came to believe were important but now feel empty. We will work together toward your healing and restoration.

With collaboration and teamwork, we will develop your personal compass and commit to a process of emotional mindfulness and acceptance, intentionality, ownership, and exploration. My approach considers your nuanced history, needs, desires, genetics, relationship dynamics and lived experiences. I've coached people just like you for over two decades toward a fluid and flexible, respectful, compassionate relationship with themselves.

woman with head tilted back, laughing
woman smiling and giving a presentation

"When we learn how to become better feelers, we experience the space to more naturally feel better."

~Kori Propst Miller, PhD

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