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Join the Food & Body Freedom Experience

Do you feel obsessed with food and your changing body?

Do you dream of days when you no longer feel cagey and driven to eat when you're not hungry?

Is emotional eating making you feel out of control?

The Food & Body Freedom Experience was designed specifically with you in mind. In 16 weeks, you can restore your peace, freedom, confidence, and self-trust and end your struggles with emotional eating and body image!

A step-by-step framework

Evidence-based practices and experiential activities in an order that makes sense for long-term change!

End the Chaos

Understand the roots of your behavior so you can meet your true needs with resources that feel resilient and connected to your values that diet culture diminishes.


Understand the mind-body connection and learn how to access the calm and peaceful energy you desire so you can make wise choices!

Negative Self-Talk

Learn the tools and strategies for dealing with self-criticism and body shaming that gets to the core of the emotions that are often underneath the words!

Emotional Agility

Navigate emotions with wisdom and develop alternatives to food to feel better!

Triggers, Cravings & Urges

Identify your triggers for emotional eating and what your cravings mean, the needs they might point to, and how to approach your urges.

Mindset & Mindfulness

Know what to do with your thoughts, why they show up, and the best practices for understanding your inner world so you can take care of yourself without a quick-fix!

Eating Awareness

Apply practices for recognizing and interrupting the chain of emotional, stress, and mindless eating


I love learning from you! What a great hour with you and the ladies! I'm still blown away by the Ritz cracker experiment! 🤩 This is the first time in my life I haven't eaten 2 in a row! 



"I finally had a REAL internal world experience! WIN! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! Now I know what else I have to work through! I also noticed how I just shovel my food in, fast and furious, and the POWER practice you introduced us to really made me approach my eating differently!"

Food & Body Freedom Can Be Yours!

Schedule your complimentary discovery call to begin your journey to peace, freedom, confidence, and self-trust!

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