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Liberated Life: 1-on-1 Private Coaching

Are you living a liberated life? 


To feel liberated is to feel free, released, unbound, uncaged, unrestrained, unshackled, and choiceful, resilient, and connected!

Living a liberated life means we are aligned with and are living into the values we have chosen vs the shoulds and ought to's that we've internalized from the world at large.


Are you clear on your values? 

Private coaching will allow for unrestrained exploration of what it means to YOU to be healthy in the various spheres of your life including mental health, mindset relationships, transitions, fitness and nutrition, body image, food, self-awareness, stress, and more! 

3-Month Commitment

Due to the nature of the change process, committing to at least 3 months will allow for exploration and discovery to support implementation of behaviors that promote wellbeing aligned with YOUR values.

Between-Session Support

Email communication is welcome between sessions for accountability and support with implementation of goals and to work through changing circumstances in life!

Virtual & Flexible

Virtual weekly sessions via phone or video to accommodate your schedule and environment.

Collaborative and Fun

Experience the joy that can come from working together and collaborating with someone you trust and is invested in your growth and liberation!


Three years ago, in the midst of an extremely toxic relationship, my binge eating was the worst it has ever been. I felt completely out of control in my own mind, body, and life. It's terrifying talking to a stranger about these things, but thank the stars I was put onto a path that paired me with Kori.
Her personal and professional background and evolution with diet culture provided an immediate sense of safety, understanding, connection, and relief. I  don't know where I'd be without her. 
Working with Kori has improved my life in countless ways. I've rebuilt trust with myself and others, improved my relationship with food, exercise, and my body, healed my nervous system, resolved past trauma, and I have awareness of how things show up in my life with more acceptance and skill. 
You want Kori in your corner when life inevitably gets hard!


With Kori's coaching I wa able to put an end to a really difficult period in my life. After quitting a job I loved after 3 years, my emotional eating got a lot worse. My job really gave me a sense of satisfaction and self-worth, and when it was gone, I didn't know how to generate that on my own!
With her help I realized that every time I ate, I was trying to ignore the feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose! 
Kori taught me how to interact with my thoughts and my body. It was like a deeper understanding. It impressed me how she talked about things, and I was amazed by the space she held inside herself!
Kori's coaching and the work we did together 

inspired me to be myself again and it brought the life back to me. 

I needed to face a lot of feelings and thoughts. I started eating very differently and she encouraged me to be kinder to myself. It made all the difference.

Imagine Your Life... Liberated!

Not sure if it's right for you?
Schedule your complimentary discovery call!

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