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Turning Chaos into Curiosity

I don't know a good way of avoiding #emotions. They are like weeds, viruses... only as we learn to toward them, we discover they have a vast intelligence to share. Here's how I've learned to welcome them.

There are moments when I feel whole, #balanced, centered, and #aligned. And in the very next second can emerge a fractured chaos.




“What am I doing?” I might ask.

“What is the point?”

It’s all the same. This mess of life.

The highs and the lows are the visiting teachers sent to show us how to breathe, eat, love, and feel.

How to question and reflect, how to choose a way forward. How to think and how to bloom.

Our emotions are like seasons…time changes…that come and go and demand an evolution.

When I was in the dark of #disordered #eating, I didn’t get this. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t know how to live.

The living could only come from feeling. Feeling everything. And feeling fully. Feeling the chaos. And believing the chaos to be a beautiful chance for awakening.

What are you experiencing now? How does it feel? Give it a language. Heavy, thick, foreboding, soft, prickly? We are not ever just one feeling. We are not ever only angry, only sad, only depressed, only anxious, only overwhelmed.

We are multitudes.


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