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Stop Playing Small: 3 Keys to Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food & Your Body (Video)

Are you constantly trying to change your body?

Do thoughts about food control your life?

In this presentation, specifically geared toward women, and originally delivered to women in the fitness industry, I share 3 keys we all need to consider to free ourselves from food obsession and offer practical activities to stop the fight with food and your body!

You will learn the real reasons why you might feel like you’re addicted to food, how to change your mindset, and what you can do to get to the root of what you’re truly hungry for!

Time Stamps for the video (or just scroll down to just watch):

1:30: All the ways in which women have reduced themselves to metrics (bodyweight, fat percentage, macros, measurements, clothing sizes) and the consequences

3:00: Fear of fat

3:45: Aversion as a signal for necessary exploration

4:15: Fears that lead to a focus on our body and appearance

7:00 Why it's necessary to question everything and redefining women's fitness

8:30: What is true fitness?

9:30: Why are you doing what you're doing & what influences your behavior: in your body, with your body, with food, with exercise

10:25: The right way to reflect and the wrong way to ask questions to understand ourselves

11:35: Types of restriction that create barriers

12:30: 3 Keys to rebuilding

12:45: Mindset as a concept and the mindset of your particular culture in your specific context

18:30: Journal prompts (mindset makeover reflections)

21:30: Habits are more than behaviors

22:40: How are you caring for your mind?

30:00: What is the truth- about dieting, weight, BMI, and health?

38:00: Shame doesn't motivate change

40:00: What happens when we look for motivation outside of ourselves

42:45: 3 ingredients of optimal motivation

44:40: Shoulds, oughts, need tos, supposed tos, and musts

45:15: What are you doing now that feels choiceful vs what you've been told to do

45:50: Journal prompts (motivation makeover reflections)

46:30: The alternative to shame and self-criticism: self-compassion

48:20: Activity- becoming a compassionate advocate

49:20: Examples of how motivation has been co-opted by diet culture (not sorry for the sarcasm!)

53:15: Metabolism as a multifaceted health concept

56:00: Emotional, social, psychological, developmental, and spiritual metabolism

57:00: Compartmentalizing parts of ourselves

59:45: Internal vs external locus of control and self-efficacy

1:01: Whose rules or goals are you following? Why? Were your choices consensual?

1:03: Visualization and meditation

1:05: Meaning and happiness

If you want more intensive, reflective work to really begin integrating these practices into your life, head over to my online courses:


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