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On What Do You Measure the Quality of Your Life?

Each day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. ~Basho

Do you measure the quality of your life by the amount of money earned? A ring on your finger? The acquisition of a job? The home purchased? Early retirement? Sexual conquests? A weight on the scale?

This weekend my husband and I drove out to his "favorite place in the world" (also the place he asked me to marry him!) to practice for the precision rifle competition we have coming up.

We got on the ground with our rifles, our first shot a cool 941 yards.

I set up, and with Nik accounting for some "lovely" wind, took the first shot. Hit. (See left bottom edge).

Second shot with another correction. Hit. Dead center!

Nik used some choice words and made us get up immediately to drive out for this photo!

I used to measure my worth by hitting the mark like this. Perfectly.

I used to measure my worth by how my clothes fit and what the scale read.

I'll admit, a sense of aversion creeped in as I looked at this photo the first time.

And I remembered the question I started asking myself a while back...

"On what do you measure the quality of your life?"

When Nik looked at this photo later in the day after he'd taken it, he had a massive grin on his face. He wasn't looking at my size, my shape, etc., like I was. He was replaying the memory of the moment!! Our teamwork. How I got on the gun and positioned myself with ease, how I followed his wind calls, and wrapped up in that, his happiness that we have this hobby to pursue together.

Don't get me wrong, none of that was lost on me. It's what I immediately went to when I felt the sting inside!

Just like I'm practicing all the different skills that go along with shooting, I'm still practicing and always will be, the skills that go along with loving myself and the life I'm afforded. Measuring its quality by the love I give and receive, the adventures pursued, and the following of my heart vs an outcome or result.

♡ So... on what are you measuring the quality of your life?

♡ If you were to say no to or renounce one thing that is a barrier to living with with greater fullness, what might it be?

"Each day is a journey and the journey itself is home." ~Basho


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