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Say Goodbye to Food Obsession: The 3-Step Framework for Eating On Your Own Terms and How Food Freedom Coaching Can Get You There

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or like you’re on the proverbial hamster wheel of your current reality. Especially as it relates to how you are around food and how you feel about your weight?

If so, it's time to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions with food freedom coaching.

Food Freedom coaching uses an approach designed to empower you to live your eating life on your own terms, without food obsession!

You may be thinking, "is this even possible?!"

And your question makes so much sense to me.

We make over 200 food decisions each day!

We also live in a culture that will always tell us exactly how to be, how to look, who to be, what to buy, what to wear, what to weigh, how to view success, and what we need to be happy! So if we haven’t clarified these things for ourselves, we will adopt goals and set intentions that stand in direct opposition to our own values! Then what happens, is at best, we spend our time, energy, effort, and skills pursuing what was never what we were interested in.

At worst, we direct our energies toward things that have us self-abandoning!

By working with a skilled and experienced coach, you can avoid spinning your wheels on actions that will get you nowhere…

And compromise your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

You can gain clarity around what to put your energy toward and why! And you'll gain valuable insights into what won’t work and why!

There’s nothing wrong with you! You just need to understand yourself and develop the tools so you can harness your motivation and know the exact behaviors to put your effort toward!

Food Freedom Coaching supports the development of strategies to overcome obstacles, tap into your true potential, and create the eating life that feels good to you!

Kori and her husband experience food freedom with sushi

Whether you're yearning for more confidence, fulfillment, balance, or structure in your relationship with food, freedom coaching can provide the guidance and support you need to make lasting changes.

You'll gain a newfound sense of self-awareness, uncover limiting beliefs, and develop a clear vision about what you can control, while letting go of the things you can’t.

In many ways, what we do together is reductionist in nature.

We cut out the stuff that’s a waste of your time!

Which means you have more time for what truly matters!

In turn you have the energy to overcome challenges, break through barriers, and seize new opportunities.

If you can relate to being persuaded by other people's highlight reels or the images you see on social media to adopt certain behaviors and take specific actions that promise to give you amazing results… and fast, well…

Just know you’re not alone.

Heck, even I, knowing what I know and being as aware as I am, get sucked into the rhetoric and flashy messaging!

My clients have shared with me just how often they’ve bought programs and plans that they believe they should have known were too good to be true.

You might relate to these experiences:

  • Restrictive dieting that led to bingeing

  • Once I’m done, it comes back, and the plan is too strict to maintain

  • So hungry and would end up eating ALL THE FOODS

  • Couldn’t do it right and would shame myself about what I’d eat instead

  • Unpractical and useless suggestions that didn’t consider my life


And we internalize beliefs that we are deficient and lack motivation, just don’t have what it takes, don’t have enough self-control, need more willpower, or must not want it badly enough.

Here’s what I know…

  • As someone who has dieted eleventy billion times...

  • has a strong athletic and competitive history...

  • has recovered from a restrictive eating disorder...

  • didn’t know what the heck to do with my big and uncomfortable emotions for years...

  • who has coached competitive athletes and those who want to be fit and healthy...

  • loves nutrition but hates the black and white crap that coaches often throw out there to make their programs sound easy and simple...

  • and knows like the back of my hand the mindset and philosophy that is necessary for sustainable health behavior changes…

You do not need to, nor should you, jump into actions that don't align with your values and aspirations or take into consideration the very real constraints of your life!

My Food Freedom coaching program helps you unlock your potential in 3 key areas, so you can live with food and your body on your own terms.


1.      Habit Refinement

2.     Relationship Restoration

3.     Emotional Recalibration

Let’s look at each one and how Food Freedom coaching can fit the bill.

Habit Refinement

First, can we all agree that when we decide to make a change, we want to focus on the actions that are going to realistically move the needle for us in ways that get us results?!

In my business, I hate busy work. Doing something just to do it, with no meaningful purpose attached to it is the fastest way to crazy for me!


If we want to change, we need to be intentional about the behaviors that serve a real purpose.

In other words, we align with those connected to our values.

When we ask ourselves “Why am I doing this?” we can answer with clarity and enthusiasm.

You should be able to answer the question, “So what?!” from a deep place inside!

If you can’t, that behavior will likely fall by the wayside, be forgotten, and not regarded with any real intensity or discipline!  

Food freedom coaching cuts through the noise so you can identify and refine your values, break free from limitations and live with intention!

It involves exploring your values, beliefs, and goals to create a personalized roadmap for success.

Kori eating a sandwich while on a hike

And a lot of the work in food freedom coaching is specifically around this word-- success. What success means to us is crucial! So reflection is a core tenet of freedom coaching.

We can’t refine without reflection!

Through deep introspection and guided exercises, you'll gain a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.

A freedom coach serves as a supportive ally, offering tools and strategies to help you navigate your challenges in the context of your relationship with food and your body, with confidence and resilience.

And by the way, this is part of the work—actually recognizing when you’re in the midst of a valuable challenge vs a soul-sucking, not-worth-the-effort and won’t have any meaningful outcome challenge. 😊 

Can you relate to beating your head up against the wall over a challenge that needn’t have been dealt with in the first place?

Yes! We’re really good at making something out of nothing or assuming that because we’ve spent time and energy on a thing, that the thing matters!

I’ll make sure you don’t fall prey to sunk-cost bias or the familiarity phenomenon.

Fancy terminology to explain that we gravitate toward what we know even if that thing is not helping us any longer!

So we refine the behaviors that need to become habits and save you from doing anything that won’t add up to meaningful learning...

Or meaningful results!

I have a quote that helps me in all situations—“We win or we learn.”

Say it with me—WE WIN OR WE LEARN!

This leads us to step 2.


Relationship Restoration

I know you’ve spent time on actions that have led you to doubt yourself, feel like a failure, wonder what’s wrong with you, and feel uncertain about whether you can even change at all.

Your relationship with yourself, your body, and food have suffered as a result.

Speaking for myself and all of my clients, we didn’t come out of the womb worried about our appearance. We weren’t concerned about how much we were eating, how much fat or carbs were in the formula or breast milk, or how much weight we were going to gain!

We weren’t even aware we had a body!

If we were lucky, we got to eat when we were hungry and demonstrated that we were hungry in any number of ways to get the attention of someone who would feed us.

And when we were done, we’d pull away, stop suckling, or fall asleep!

At some point though, we realized we had a body.

And it may or may not have occurred at the same time, but we realized we had a body that needed to be different than it was. Or for any number of reasons, we disconnected from our bodies.

We weren’t allowed to feel emotions, we witnessed others suppress or deny emotions, we were punished for expressing certain emotions. And it’s within the body that we feel emotions!

So because the body we were in was deemed inappropriate, too big, too fat, too dangerous, too sensitive…

By us or others…

Or because we didn’t have another way to approach our emotions…

And our bodies felt dangerous or out of control to us...

We needed to start eating differently or partner with food to change it.

So your relationship with food suffered.

Then the ideas that we learned about our bodies, and how we were with food, at some point became translated to mean something about us…

Our character.

And diet culture  and weight stigma aided in these beliefs being formed by sharing its notions about people in certain bodies being lazy, undisciplined, gluttonous, and the like.

So your relationship with yourself suffered.

I’m sorry but not sorry that I’ve perhaps brought up some difficult stuff here.


This is how we change.

We get underneath this stuff so we can unearth and unlearn what’s not in your service and does not promote a way of being in your life that is abundant, nourishing, and inspired.

We extract and practice letting go of what is not restorative or redeeming so you can be in tune with the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that allow you to make more intentional decisions.

Through food freedom coaching with me, you'll be engaging a process of self-discovery.

You will uncover hidden aspects of yourself and gaining clarity so you'll be better equipped to overcome challenges-- and perhaps enjoy navigating them!

You will see what it can look like to choose actions that reflect your true essence and acknowledges your true needs.

All the clients I've worked with have had desires for something to be different about their bodies. Cool. I've spent the majority of my adult life engaging in activities for this purpose.

But here's the deal: no positive change can happen if we hate ourselves through the process.

Just like within a human relationship, criticizing and shaming a person to be different may lead to short-term shifts in behavior, but you can bet on a broken spirit and dysfunctional motivation.

If you can restore a respectful, peaceful, and intentional relationship with food, your body, and yourself, whatever you choose to strive for will be a goal worthy of you.

Emotional Recalibration

As your Food Freedom coach, I help you develop mindfulness practices and reflective exercises to deepen your awareness of emotion.

This is all for the purpose of enhancing your ability to navigate emotions with greater ease, and isn’t that what we all want?

To not feel hijacked by big emotions or like we’re being steamrolled by them so we don’t use food to try to suppress, deny, or cope with them?  

It’s been said that our greatest battles are inside.

Often, it’s because our emotions are running around untended to, wild, and without leadership!

You can be the leader of your inner world so you can welcome emotions, work with them, understand them, and use them to your benefit! No food necessary!

Have you ever heard that you can’t control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them?

Emotional Recalibration is the process for doing this with your emotions!

Emotions are influenced by many things, including the state of your nervous system, limiting beliefs, your nutritional intake, trauma, relationship dynamics, and stressors to name a few.

So you’ll step onto the path of emotional mastery and know your triggers and how to respond to them, develop a toolbox of resources you can use for different circumstances instead of running to food, have a plan for cravings and urges, and see emotions for what they really are—little (or big) invitations for recalibration!


Are you ready to refine, restore, and recalibrate?

To eat and live on your own terms?

So you can get out of the obsessive relationship you have with food and your body and feel the freedom to make choices that build your confidence?

Your freedom is waiting.


The Food & Body Freedom Experience is open for enrollment.

This 16-WEEK program includes a live weekly group coaching call, private support group, weekly check-ins to ensure your consistently progressing, and downloadable content, videos, and practices designed to enhance integration!

CLICK HERE to contact me, get your questions answered, see if we're a good fit, and find your freedom!


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