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Empower Yourself

  • Food & Body Freedom Experience (PIF)

    Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom & Reclaim a Liberated Relationship with Food & Your Body
    Valid for 4 months
    • 16 Weeks Group Coaching Curriculum
    • Weekly Video Modules, Worksheets, and Downloadable Guides
    • Exclusive Access to Support & Accountability Group
    • 1x/week Live Group Coaching Call & Q&A
  • Food & Body Freedom Experience

    Every month
    Connect with Your Inner Wisdom & Reclaim a Liberated Relationship with Food & Your Body
    Valid for 4 months
    • Deepen Your Food & Body Freedom

      Every month
      For Graduates of the Food & Body Freedom Experience who desire integration support, continued learning, and connection to deepen their awareness and commitment to body trust.
      • Private Support Group
      • Weekly Live Coaching, Education, & Q&A Calls
      • Radical Body Love Course Access w/ Workbook ($149 value)
      • $25 Discount on Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Kori
    • Liberated Life: 1-on-1 Private Coaching

      Individualized Coaching to Fit your Lifestyle & Goals
      Valid for 3 months
      • 3-month Commitment to Support Sustainable Habit Changes
      • 12 Private, Live Weekly 45-min Coaching Sessions
      • 1 Structured Email Check-in Per Week
      • Understand Yourself as a Whole Human Being
      • Supports Your Value & Identity from the Inside Out

    Bassma Badir, TX

    Kori is full of compassion, wisdom, encouragement, discernment, patience and truly wants the best for each of her clients!

    Sondra Trumpower, IN

    I have worked with Kori off and on for about 12 years now. No matter what the goals that I am working toward or the hurdles I am trying to overcome, I always come out better for the time we spend together. She is so wise and intuitive as well as empathetic and understanding.

    Theresa Lee Crawford, MO

    I’m so thankful for Kori’s perspective and compassion. She has an uncanny ability to meet me right where I am and reminding me to care for myself through life’s ups and downs. While I don’t take advantage of her generosity, having the ability to contact Kori throughout the week is an experience unique to Core Capacity versus other people and organizations I’ve worked with in the past. Kori’s model is progressive and adaptive, so if you’re looking for a fresh approach Core Capacity is the place!
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