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Food & Body Freedom Intensive

  • 16Weeks


End the fight with eating and body image struggles so you can experience freedom, confidence, Self-trust, and true health! In this 16-week course, we will be targeting the 3 key pillars to food and body freedom: 1. Personal P.O.W.E.R. 2. Self-Leadership 3. True Health This program will: 👉provide you with the key steps to developing emotional agility so you can navigate discomfort with wisdom and ease 👉support your understanding of the roots of your behavior so you can meet the true needs of your entire system 👉reveal your invisible wounds and triggers and show you how to work with them so you don't feel hijacked by out-of-control behaviors and emotions 👉reveal the blockages that have prevented sustainable change in the past 👉help you rebuild trust in your Self and your body 👉give you strategies for connecting with your core values so you can live in alignment with who you're meant to be 👉guide you through the most effective practices for your long-term health and healing 👉support your taking actions in alignment with all aspects of health, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and environmental



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