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Dr. Kori smiling with excitement about health and wellbeing.

Let's demystify health together!

I will help you connect with the behaviors that will support your most meaningful, balanced, energetic life!


We'll put the fun back into fitness, truly nourish with nutrition, build emotional mastery, return to your inner wisdom, and get out of the all-or-nothing mindset, so you can reclaim your relationship with yourself, your body, food, and fitness!

You're in the right place if you struggle with...


Feeling like you're stuck in an on again-off again dieting cycle


Critical self-talk and body shame


Stress, binge, or emotional eating & feeling out of control when you eat


Constant food noise or rule-driven eating


Knowing what to do for your health in a way that works for your lifestyle and values

Hello! I'm Kori!

I'm so excited you are here!
I do what I do because I believe that life is hard, but it is harder to not live it fully. Operating within this nuance requires us to become reflective, resourced, and resilient.

If you're like me, you long to feel rooted and to understand yourself, and you've been down many meandering, oftentimes dead-end roads that lead you into shame and self-judgement, over and over and over again. All the while, you know that it's harmful, dysfunctional, and misaligned with what you truly want. 

Perhaps you have fallen into patterns of emotional avoidance, harsh and critical self-talk,  a chaotic relationship with food, perfectionism, or chronic dieting and body obsession that has you feeling crazy and stressed out. Maybe your relationships are suffering as a result, and you want to escape the vicious cycles that leave you feeling exhausted and helpless.

I believe we are here on this planet for so much more than to worry about food, our appearance, pleasing others, not being good enough, and getting swept away by the culture's ideas about who and how we should be! We are humans, with unique strengths, tendencies, and personalities, all of which have gifts within them. But sometimes they've become hidden, even to us.

I also believe we are here to explore who we are and that whatever path we land upon has the capacity to transform us. I am a confidante, a healer, a teacher, and a partner to my clients as they reach into the vast expanses of their lives and develop a trust in the deep intelligence of their individual journeys that are oftentimes painful.

One of our primary tasks as we navigate our messy, crazy, magical lives, is to lean toward acceptance. To develop a softness of spirit. Precisely because life brings difficulty and unexpected hardship, we need to build our suppleness to such circumstances. I have found over the many years in which I've been a coach, a therapist, and most importantly, a human, that this process is best served by inviting our cores, the deepest parts of us to speak. It is through less force and more gentleness, fewer expectations and greater awareness, more being and less doing, less comparison and more connection, where we meet our truest, healthiest selves. 


Dr. Kori riding her bike up a mountain trail
Kori reflecting intensely

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? 


If you are ready to open the map that leads you to a more healthful, peaceful, free, flexible, and embodied relationship with food, your body, fitness, yourself, and life, I will walk alongside you to create change and access your hope and strength.


Emotional Intelligence & Body Awareness, Body Image

Binge or Emotional Eating

Behavior Change

& Women's Wellness

Flexible  &  Intuitive Eating

Mindfulness & Motivation

I absolutely feel that most of the success I have had, am having, is due to you♥️. Thank you.

You have a beautiful way of engaging with people, reaching them, giving them the strength and tools to dig deep, make the changes they need to be able to be whole!  Your smile lights a room.. your laugh is infectious. You are beautiful.

- Carrie Grover

I believe I have “blossomed” into something more than I could ever have found on my own, under your care, leadership and training. You dove right in with me and helped me connect and feel comfortable. I realized early on that food/nutrition was only a small piece of the puzzle. What was going on in my mind was holding me back and frustrating me and keeping me from success. 

- Marian Pease

What stands out to me most is your abundance of compassion and your passion to share your knowledge and experience with others. You are so giving. With your caring and sharing I have learned so much about myself--even things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. And for all of this, I am so grateful.

- Mary Pat Reilly

You are not broken.
You are not a problem to be solved. 

At Core Capacity, we know you want to feel empowered and capable. In order to do that you need support that nurtures the relationship you have with yourself and your inner world so you can step into a life and relationships that embody truth, confidence, and authenticity. 

We are not problems to be solved-- the problem is what we've come to believe about ourselves and how we've internalized the messages of what it means to be "good" or worthy of love, for example, which cause us to self-abandon. 

I believe we live in a world that pathologizes our pain and encourages a quick fix, and I understand how seductive it can be to reach for them! Feeling stuck and like we're self-sabotaging our way through life feels awful!

This is why I offer coaching to help you understand what is really happening inside of you, so you can take the steps toward your most important goals and not feel shackled by fear, shame, or unworthiness. 

So here's what you do: 

1. Schedule a discovery call 

2. Choose your coaching plan

3. Begin our journey together, side-by-side

In the meantime, please sign up below to receive your free resource! With this practice, you will learn how to begin understanding your inner world! 

It's right here, inside of you, where many of the answers lie... where you will find the clues to why you do what you do and think how you think. 

It's right here, inside of you, where your healing begins and your freedom takes shape!

Someone covering a lover's eyes in anticipation of her seeing a surprise

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